Jensen Ledges

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Difficulty Round trip Total climb Internet Maps
2.7 mi. 688 ft. MSR Maps GPSies


From Route 97 near Hancock, NY turn south on Lordville Road near Somerset Lake. The road heads south to the Delaware River and crosses to Equinunk, PA. Just before the bridge crossing turn left on Bouchouxville Road. This dirt road becomes narrow and very rough but ends in a small parking area. From the parking area get on the woods road that heads east and up the ridge. As you climb, keep looking to your right for some views down to the river. After walking only .9 miles, you will cross a small stream that cascades down the ledges and empties into the river. If there is enough water volume, it is worth working your way down the side of the falls to get some pictures. Back on the main trail, cross the brook and walk a few hundred feet before turning right and walking out to the first viewpoint. At this viewpoint, you will have beautiful views down to the river and beyond. This area has a HUGE rock cairn that sits atop a "pile" of laid up stone! There may also be some stone "furniture" just behind the viewpoint is the remains of a stone quarry. Walk a little further east and there is another viewpoint. Retrace yours steps back down to the car. Walk along the trail down to the river along a private property easement. At the railroad tracks cross carefully and walk down to the river. After taking pictures, return to the car.

(The map above shows the parking area and the out and back hiking route.)

(The image at the left shows the profile of the hike. Remember that all vertical profiles are relative!)