The Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce
Welcomes you to Hancock, New York

"Home of the Hancock Bluestone Festival"
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Hancock is rich in history, with much of it surrounding the Delaware River. At one point in time the village was known as Chehocton, meaning the "wedding of the waters, " where the East and West branches of the Delaware River meet at the foot of Point Mountain. The river was used for rafting logs and goods to bigger markets, and was also an early means of transportation. In 1806, the town of Hancock was formed and the name was chosen in honor of John Hancock, the first president of the United States Congress.

Hancock was also an important stop for the railroads, both in terms of commerce as well as tourism.

At the present time, Hancock is easy to reach with access to many major highways. A wealth of local by-ways provides the opportunity for leisurely travel to enjoy the natural beauty of the area in al seasons. We hope that you will come and enjoy it with us.